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Do not stop.

What a peculiar week. I came home from a truly magical six days in California ready & elated to...well, to do what I do. Only things did not go as planned. It started with a meeting I had scheduled on Tuesday, something I was quite excited about, and the person did not show up. Ok...I don’t let that stuff get me down. Gotta forge ahead. I am ok with flexibility and while I know my time is valuable, I also realize that sh*t happens.

I had another super exciting meeting scheduled on Thursday that I had spent time preparing for and long story short - meeting postponed. Again, no biggie.

Third time’s the charm. I show up at this beautiful space where I have the privilege of guiding a Dance Party only to find out that the people who run the space forgot! So there are black chiavari chairs covering the entire room (I did admire the beauty!). No sound system in place. I am schlepping my bins full of stuff, a fricken subwoofer that I rented (since I like sick beats) and my three kids running around the place. By now...complete frustration.

At that point, along with many other dips/turns/bumps/mountains that I experience throughout this journey, I thought to myself - wow, this would be one of those times I could throw in the towel.
But, the absolute amazing thing about those points along the way and almost serendipitous - it’s at those very questionable moments when everything becomes so clear, it's a test, to make sure you are all in and willing to struggle, willing to work through it & dare greatly. 
Whether it is meeting new people who show up excited to see what this community is about
or someone sharing a story about how much of an impact this has made in their life or like tonight dancing it out with incredible, uplifting, FUN people, who are also navigating change & rough patches in their journey...where it took only a few moments to realize that this little dip in the road was extremely minor.  These, and many other reasons, are why I won’t throw in the towel. I am living and sharing a journey, a mission that is based on challenges, adventure, overcoming fears, self-induced boxes and at its core, embracing true growth & freedom. This is life. Continuing on this path has allowed me to learn & practice (not always well at times!) these life-changing skills.

I recently saw someone post the question on social media asking “when was the last time you took a risk”. I am proud (and often times exhausted!) from taking risks every single day of this journey. But, I have never felt so fulfilled. So grateful for everyone I get to meet. Extremely appreciative for those that teach, support & encourage along the way. And, tonight in particular, everyone that rushed to stack up those black chiavari chairs! And, while it’s not always clear how this evolves - I do know that it’s BIG. And, every single one of us is making a difference.

It’s really [cool, scary, messy, exciting] that this mission is truly about something bigger than what takes place in the time we are together. Because the format, the moves...they are nothing special. Everything's a remix. What makes it so remarkable is YOU (& sick beats!). And, it’s the philosophy that I so enthusiastically want to yell from the rooftop.
This manifesto, if you will, is about realizing that all of the answers are within. Not a photo or the idea that some physical attribute is suppose to make you happier, stronger, better. This is much more profound and it's noisy and it's wild and it's messy and it's real.

These experiences are a catalyst for an uprising where people first focus on how they feel. Creating community & sharing love. Choosing to show up sometimes vulnerable, always authentic. These are real-life skills so that when life throws us all it’s crazy curveballs - we forge ahead & grow.