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Sometimes you just gotta say YES!

Do you ever let your fear or a "set in your ways" mentality hold you back from possibly a really cool experience?
This is kind of a weird explanation, but for example - I am not a bath person, or so I thought, and every time I would stare at my beautiful tub I would think "that looks nice, but I am not a bath person"! Yet - several months ago I decided after one humdrum day that I needed a nice soak in the tub, and...


VOILA! All of a sudden I declared "I DO LOVE BATHS!". Ok. Silly, but an illustration of how I was missing out because I was sort of set in my ways - baths are work, I don't like sitting in icky water, so on and so on. And, once I caved & took that bath I realized how good it felt. How much my body craved it! How healing it could be. It was a quiet, tranquil space where I could bring a book & read!
I was thinking about my experience in Patagonia, Chile and how my husband planned this crazy awesome adventure that would take us up a mountain to reach a secluded cabin in La Junta, Cochamo Valley. Now...the thought of riding five hours on a horse (with a guacho who spoke NO english!) definitely did not naturally appeal to me. My mind was racing with thoughts of falling off the mountain, diving straight down to the river below! Or, being thrown off the horse. I mean - any crazy thought, it was there.
Fast forward, one word, EXHILARATING!  I now rejoice in the fact that I didn't let those fears prevent an experience that was quite life-changing for me. 
Horses are AMAZING creatures - their ability to trudge on in all weather patterns, up rock, through mud, cutting into thick foliage, on the edge of crazy cliffs - it was remarkable (kinda like human-beings!). We were on dramatic terrain. And, just like its ups and downs - I was soaking in the adventure, the fear, the excitement & anxiety all at the same time!
When we reached our destination - surrounded by massive granite walls - the serenity...words cannot describe it. Very little hot water, the only source of light is the sun and candles lit at night. Getting a glimpse into the lives of those that live every day in these surroundings without all of the amenities that we are so fortunate to have at our fingertips. These small moments can be life altering.
These types of experiences do not come very often on this scale, or they could if we made it a priority (seperate topic!), but just finding a way to apply this concept  - saying yes, trying something that scares us, remembering to play - in our every day lives. I bet we would surprise ourselves at how much we could love and transform if we just tried & let go of that fear. Like getting back on a bike as an adult or jumping on a trampoline or swimming in a pool, lake or ocean. They can be so simple. Yet, it reminds us of our carefree ways as children. Or, how adventure can still be a part of our lives. "Inside all of us is a wild thing"...push fear to the side, let it out - it can be really fun and feel really good!