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If you have children or just simply think back to when you were younger - do you see or recall how simple things were? We didn't think about not doing something we loved because we would look silly. We didn't refer to ourselves all the negative names we possibly think now in our heads as we grow older.  We did things that made us happy.

We simply BE. We PLAY.

We connected so easily with people. I watch my daughter meet another girl for the first time and within two minutes they are off playing, making up secret handshakes, showing each other dance moves and laughing. At what point did we forget to be kind? At what point did we put up a wall that doesn't allow us to be our true selves? 

Remember when you could dance to music or run around in the streets or skip your way to the bathroom and the thoughts of what you looked like were the farthest thing in your mind?? The magic that ran through your body was based on how you were FEELING...


I watch my children now - specifically my daughter - and see her carefree ways. I like to join her every now and then because it is good for the SOUL. It helps ground me in the moment. It reminds me of who I am once I shed away the part of my conscience where I let people's opinions filter in. I can relax. I can BE. I can play. 

It is most likely different for everyone - that point in our lives when we really started to worry about what other people thought of us, or to compare ourselves to others, or to tell ourselves that we aren't good enough - we need to strive for perfection, we need to be the best, so on and so on.  Or, maybe rather it was someone else telling us these things. Wouldn't it be beautiful if we found a way to let go of all that. We realize that everything we've been through has given us learning opportunities and we are who we are and where we are today as a result of those experiences...

NOW we make the choice to bring LOVE into the center of our lives - towards ourselves first and then everyone around us and eventually the world?!

If we found a way to play and just be our authentic beings - make decisions and join experiences because they feel true to YOU, rather than comparison or with our self-conscious beliefs that we won't look good, we will be laughed at, we won't know what we are doing! Can you find a way to rid these thoughts and instead find small ways to PLAY. To let go. To live life the way YOU were meant to - without worrying about what anyone else is doing. There is room for us all in this world. And, when you start to allow this energy into your life, you feel peaceful. You feel present. You feel authentic. 

This is how my vision has evolved - I realized that what I experience in classes, when I am dancing or simply letting the sound of great music blast through my body - it is cathartic. It is freeing. It is FUN! It allows me to PLAY. I can reach a place - maybe not each time or maybe it's more of a practice - where I am more and more my authentic self. I make decisions based on love and what makes my soul happy. I see the world in a different light. It is pretty awesome. And, I yearn to cultivate a space where other people are allowed to do the same. It is not about who is the strongest, who has the best outfit on, who is the most important. Or thoughts such as do I look funny, I look like a dork, I am going the wrong way. I've heard these time and time again.

Create the magic.

I believe that you see the world in a different light when you connect with others and feel the vibrations - the good energy. It is all about how you FEEL and allow yourself to find a place where you can let go of comparison, let go of negativity and simply FEEL GOOD.
I dare you to dance, skip or sing your way through the grocery store. Notice how you won't be able to stop smiling. Some people don't know what to do with those happy vibrations - they will get there, hopefully. But, you will probably find a lot of people smiling back at you.