New Beginnings... first blog post, the beginning of a new chapter. While I feel anxious about what lies ahead, I choose to focus on the excitement and the incredible opportunities that are out there! And, I find that the more I am open to exploring and experiencing so many different things - the clearer my vision becomes. 
I have found that I yearn for growth. When I use to think that I flounder, that I didn't know what I wanted - I know I like to work hard, but lack direction or have TOO many passions - in fact, I have now realized that I am in the practice of gaining experiences. Following my heart. Every opportunity I have had has helped me become the person I am today. I have learned and grown so much and that process will hopefully always continue. 
New beginnings can be scary, change is always hard and there is that transition period that is tricky to navigate. But, this community (my friends) that has formed from these experiences is pretty darn awesome. The support and encouragement from family and friends is invaluable. And, I now truly feel that the sky is the limit! WOA! 
What I do know - what gets preached time and time again - the only way to grow is by getting out of your comfort zone - is so dang true. And, the worst thing that can happen is having another opportunity to learn and grow. 
This new beginning is about love. Love for what I do, love to share with the people I connect with and love towards everything that makes our souls happy.