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When people ask me about the MBK experience events/classes they tend to throw around the term "fitness class" and for some reason it doesn't always sit well with me. Is the fitness piece relevant...ABSOLUTELY! (as well as the traditional aerobic instructor get-up: mic, headset, funny fanny pack! I know what you're thinking, NO leotards). However, there is something else that I yearn for each person to take away from our time together. That is delving into something deeper - where the focus is less on how we look and more on how we feel. 

Is it a class? Sure! I am enthuasiastically guiding the way. However, I never want people to feel as though they should be doing something that doesn't feel right for them. Which happens far too often in other areas of our lives, at times. EXPERIENCE - that's it! It's the fitness, but it is also the mental challenge, the connection, the community. It's a place where we can let go and have a little fun (why we gotta be so serious all the time?!?!). Where we don't have to be in pain. We can actually choose to focus more on the joy. An experience that has lasting positive effects. 

Having Kare 11 shoot a segment of class last week was incredible. Another awesome experience. A chance to learn & grow and give a little glimpse into what these experiences are about. Even though many of us would say it's hard to describe - it's best felt when physically in a room together. That ENERGY (as well as loud music, a little booty-shaking, lots of smiling)! That feeling of welcoming every one. It's not a place where you have to dress a certain way, be the most fit or feel competition. That is what I love. There are teenagers to men & women in their sixties & seventies - it's beautiful. 

You don’t stop dancing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop dancing.

I am just overwhelmed by such support and encouragement. By so many people who want to share postive energy and feel better. I have said it before - but, it really is transformative. Of course we still want to feel good about ourselves and how we fit in our clothes, etc. However, when I think of sustainability, when I think of mental health, when I think of fads - what is missing...letting go of how we THINK we should look and concentrating more on how we FEEL. 
People are motivated by different things. I get it & that is great. There is something for everyone. I too (mostly) love it all - strength training, biking, being on water, boxing & yoga - but, when I am my truest self and THE most happy (feeling it in my soul) - I am connecting with other people. I am connecting with myself. I am connecting with music. Playing. MAGIC. 

HUGE thank you to those that were able to come to the Kare 11 class. And, grateful to have met Bryan Piatt and Nate Anderson who made the experience so much more FUN!

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