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The time to feel ALIVE is NOW!!

Nope. I am not talkin' about caffeine, energy supplements or crazy fads…it's dynamic movement that makes you feel ALIVE & improves your physiological state. It's that simple. 

It is time to get on your dancin' shoes. 

We are ALL dancers. 
Dance is everlasting/sustainable/4 EVA and EVA. Evident from the Stone Age. 
Sure, some people have been trained to perfect their form, learn the lingo, and so on. But, think about it - we dance every day of our lives. We dance not only in movement, but also through our heads, in our relationships, at our jobs, with our emotions. 

In the right atmosphere supporting authenticity - dance IS freedom. It makes you feel ALIVE. Dance is connection on steriods.
It is not serious. It is not quiet. It is noisy, it is wild…this is the MAGIC.  
The physiological response from dance (or it's soul-work, however you want to see it) creates euphoria. Celebration. For no reason. Or, for every reason. 
A vital element to living an extraordinary life, Tony Robbins coins, "Emotion is created by motion. Whatever you are feeling right now is directly related to how you are using your body". This is movement that feels good. 
Get up on your feet! Have some fun. Play. Celebrate YOU.
This is an awakening of what is already inside you. 

Yes, you have to be ok feeling vulnerable. Throw out the memories of teachers hushing you to be quiet & sit still, maybe someone told you that you can't dance or you don't have rhythm. Let go of right or wrong. Let go of movement simply focusing on how you want to look.
Embrace your truth, move in your truth and it will set you FREE, my friends. 

It is time to join me in noisy, wild celebration, in movement that awakens your mind, body, & spirit, in making this world a better place…in living extraordinary lives, one dance at time.