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Keepin' It Real

Ok. I am getting personal. 

I have a confession to make. I have spent most of my life as a serial people-pleaser. Now, in some ways over time I have learned to like this about myself because I care. I really do care about other people. And, while I use to think this was a weakness (i.e. not assertive enough, not loud enough, not brave enough to stick up for myself, to get taken advantage of - kept in someone's idea of what I should or shouldn't do/be), I now realize is a quality that I am very grateful for, a softness, an energy. I love people that light others up. I love to spread love! I love to make people smile. I love to make people feel good. Not in a forced way...but, a soul-yearning kinda way.

theMBKexperience, RevelArmy, RevelMovement

Ready #RevelArmy?!

REVEL: 1. to take great pleasure or delight. 2. to make merry; to indulge in boisterous activities. 3. a noisy and wild celebration.

What is the #RevelMovement? It is transforming how we view wellness/fitness by emphasizing how we FEEL superior to how we physically look. Reveling in dynamic movement to feel positive, free, euphoric and alive!  
Who makes up the #RevelArmy? Any person who chooses to participate, build community and share the aspiration to honor this vivacious crusade. We create and move in space that focuses on how we FEEL, first and foremost.