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Do not stop.

What a peculiar week. I came home from a truly magical six days in California ready to...well, to do what I do. Only things did not go as planned. It started with a meeting I had scheduled on Tuesday, something I was quite excited about, and the person didn’t show up. Ok...I don’t let that stuff get me down. Gotta forge ahead. I am ok with flexibility and while I know my time is valuable, I also realize that sh*t happens.

adventure, Community, dance, experience, mind+body, MUSIC, play, theMBKexperience

The time to feel ALIVE is NOW!!

Nope. I am not talkin' about caffeine, energy supplements or crazy fads…it's dynamic movement that makes you feel ALIVE & improves your physiological state. It's that simple. 
It is time to get on your dancin' shoes. 
We are ALL dancers. 
Dance is everlasting/sustainable/4 EVA and EVA. Evident from the Stone Age. 
Sure, some people have been trained to perfect their form, learn the lingo, and so on. But, think about it - we dance every day of our lives. We dance not only in movement, but also through our heads, in our relationships, at our jobs, with our emotions.