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Ready #RevelArmy?!

REVEL: 1. to take great pleasure or delight. 2. to make merry; to indulge in boisterous activities. 3. a noisy and wild celebration.

What is the #RevelMovement? It is transforming how we view wellness/fitness by emphasizing how we FEEL superior to how we physically look. Reveling in dynamic movement to feel positive, free, euphoric and alive!  
Who makes up the #RevelArmy? Any person who chooses to participate, build community and share the aspiration to honor this vivacious crusade. We create and move in space that focuses on how we FEEL, first and foremost.

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When people ask me about the MBK experience events/classes they tend to throw around the term "fitness class" and for some reason it doesn't always sit well with me. Is the fitness piece relevant...ABSOLUTELY! (as well as the traditional aerobic instructor get-up: mic, headset, funny fanny pack! I know what you're thinking, NO leotards). However, there is something else that I yearn for each person to take away from our time together. That is delving into something deeper - where the focus is less on how we look and more on how we feel.