You Call It!

Wildhive offers several options for business and personal consulting, private events and other out-of-the-box celebrations!


Your company or colleagues  How one approaches the experience will relate to how they handle change and challenge in the workplace, as well as how they interact with their peers. Additionally, we explore how creativity is unleashed through the ability to take more chances and show a bit of human vulnerability!

Through a series of integrative experiences, we will use creative and expressive pursuits to connect, play, and enhance our brain & cognitive function! The result, living a more meaningful life.

Private Events and Parties

Shouldn’t every day be a celebration?! Think of the healthy, crazy good times we could have bringing Wildhive to your bachelorette, birthday celebration, fundraiser, store-opening event, or other events you might have in mind.


Each inquiry will be unique and therefore, pricing will be determined upon further discussion.

Contact Mollie to discuss your creative out-of-the-box ideas and let's have some fun!

Wildhive's integrative experience aspires to emphasize feelings of: INVIGORATED, EMPOWERED, PLAYFUL AND ALIVE!