Wildhive goes to Colombia 2020!

9 nights/10 days

First, enjoy a gorgeous video from our last dance + service adventure in El Salvador! Created by Kaylee Lamoine. Get ready to experience the magic…

- Colombia Hive -

When: Friday February 14, 2020 - Sunday February 23, 2020
Where: 4 nights in Cartagena + 5 nights in Santa Marta for a total of 9 nights/10 days!
Service: We are volunteering with the La Sierra Artist Residency. The scope of our work is still TBD. They do beautiful, meaningful + long-lasting projects with the communities surrounding Santa Marta.
Retreat Vibe: We all come for different reasons and from different places. But, on this trip we cultivate: Positivity. Empowerment. Acceptance. Celebration. Joy. Freedom. Encouragement. Expression. Laughter. Connection. WILD.

*Other than this, nothing is mandatory!

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