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Do not stop.

What a peculiar week. I came home from a truly magical six days in California ready to...well, to do what I do. Only things did not go as planned. It started with a meeting I had scheduled on Tuesday, something I was quite excited about, and the person didn’t show up. Ok...I don’t let that stuff get me down. Gotta forge ahead. I am ok with flexibility and while I know my time is valuable, I also realize that sh*t happens.

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Keepin' It Real

Ok. I am getting personal. 

I have a confession to make. I have spent most of my life as a serial people-pleaser. Now, in some ways over time I have learned to like this about myself because I care. I really do care about other people. And, while I use to think this was a weakness (i.e. not assertive enough, not loud enough, not brave enough to stick up for myself, to get taken advantage of - kept in someone's idea of what I should or shouldn't do/be), I now realize is a quality that I am very grateful for, a softness, an energy. I love people that light others up. I love to spread love! I love to make people smile. I love to make people feel good. Not in a forced way...but, a soul-yearning kinda way.

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When people ask me about the MBK experience events/classes they tend to throw around the term "fitness class" and for some reason it doesn't always sit well with me. Is the fitness piece relevant...ABSOLUTELY! (as well as the traditional aerobic instructor get-up: mic, headset, funny fanny pack! I know what you're thinking, NO leotards). However, there is something else that I yearn for each person to take away from our time together. That is delving into something deeper - where the focus is less on how we look and more on how we feel. 

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If you have children or just simply think back to when you were younger - do you see or recall how simple things were? We didn't think about not doing something we loved because we would look silly. We didn't refer to ourselves all the negative names we possibly think now in our heads as we grow older.  We did things that made us happy.

We simply BE. We PLAY.